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Booking your journey to the DPRK

The procedure is simple and straightforward: you tell us what you want to do during your stay in the DPRK, and when you would like to travel. We will then work out an itinerary for you and submit it to you, together with the price.

If you place a booking with us, we will do all the rest: we will obtain your visa for the DPRK and your air or rail ticket from China (Beijing or Shenyang) to Pyongyang, organise the desired programme for your stay and arrange a qualified tour guide who speaks your language, if it is one of the languages commonly used internationally. We will also be pleased to help you with regard to your journey to China and your stopover in Beijing or Shenyang.

Registering for your journey

Registration procedure

You are recommended to book in good time. It is not advisable to book less than three weeks before you wish to start your journey, in view of the time required for processing your visa application. The Korea Reisedienst will be pleased to send you your travel documents, the forms you require to register for your journey / apply for a visa, and also suggestions for your itinerary, and to arrange a package either for a standard tour or for a stay in accordance with your individual wishes, with Beijing as its starting point.


You will find the available programmes in Korea Reisedienst’s offer sheets. We hope you will understand that in view of the special form that tourism takes in the DPRK, Korea Reisedienst is only able to issue general information sheets on the individual tourist regions, and that travel catalogues such as are customary in Europe are not yet available. 

Payment / Dispatch of travel documents

When your journey has been approved or your visa issued, you will receive an invoice. Once the amount due has been remitted, travellers will be sent their travel documents (air ticket and a voucher for the programme within the country) by registered post.

Do not miss the unique opportunity…

… to experience the Arirang Festival in the period between mid-August and mid-October. This mass gymnastics festival in the May Day Stadium with over 150,000 participants is an impressive spectacle that is to be seen only in the DPRK. By comparison, the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games or of Football World Championships look like small-scale local offerings.


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